Los Angeles Freelance Writer Takes a Hike

The last time I went on a hike was about 15 years ago. My sister invited me to hike the Fryman Canyon Trail in Studio City, Calif. I got through it, but what I really remember is that it was hot and the first 10 minutes or so of the trail were a bit too steep for me. I also remember that I wasn’t inclined to revisit the trail ever again.

I prefer walking in climate controlled environments or on shady trails at sundown on warm summer evenings. (Yes, I’m very specific when it comes to exercise and my comfort level.)

But a few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to shake up my regular exercise routine. I often go for walks around the neighborhood or to weight-training classes at the gym. Then, my husband suggested a hike at Griffith Park.

My first inclination was to look at him as if he had lost his mind and then decline his request. But we get to spend so little time together thanks to our work schedules, so I figured that I’d make the sacrifice.

I had mapped our an easy hike on a shady trail, but when we arrived at the Park that particular trail was nowhere to be found. So we just winged it. We drove around until we found a parking lot and then just followed a group of people up a hill that looked like it was a trail.

Once again, it was hot, and the first few minutes of the hike were steep and brutal. But once we got over the hump the rest of the trail was flat and easy.


Me and my husband on a hike at Griffith Park in Los Angeles

We marveled at the views of downtown Los Angeles and the little lizards and other small wildlife that ran across the trail as we hiked.


A view of downtown Los Angeles from a Griffith Park hiking trail.

I wish I could say that we hiked the whole trail, but as I mentioned it was HOT that day. So we put in a good 90 minutes of walking and then headed back to the car.

But this hike did more than give me a good workout. It revived my interest in exploring the great outdoors as part of my regular exercise routine.

My husband and I plan to return to Griffith Park to enjoy the splendor of Los Angeles…but we’ll definitely plan our hike for a cooler day. 🙂

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