Field Trip!

Rain in Los Angeles is a rarity. It literally only happens about 4-5 days out of the year—7+ days if we’re lucky.

And with that rain comes another rare occurrence: the most breathtaking views of the city from Griffith Observatory.

The Observatory is perched on a peak at Griffith Park and offers phenomenal views of the city and the famous Hollywood sign year round. But let’s face it. This city does have its fair share of smog, and sometimes that smog can result in hazy views that, well, don’t reflect the city at its best.

So, when the clouds parted last week after a day of rain I tossed my laptop aside, grabbed a friend, and headed to the Observatory for a mid-week field trip.

The rain washed all of the crud out of the air, and we were fortunate enough to catch views like this…


Where will my next field trip take me? Who knows? But that’s part of the beauty of living in La La Land…anything is possible!

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