Re-Reading the Classics

Juggling freelance writing deadlines and client meetings doesn’t leave much time for leisure activities. But I try my best to make time for one of my favorite activities–reading!

Don’t get me wrong, I read all day–it’s kind of hard to be a writer and never read. However, most days I only have time for reading content that’s germaine to my writing assignments, plus whatever’s posted on CNN and NPR.

But what I love most is reading for pleasure. There’s nothing like getting knee-deep into a fabulous work of fiction that you just can’t put down.

So, I recently decided to call on the good people at the Los Angeles Public Library and order up a children’s classic…

I read this book for a school assignment in the 6th grade, and I only remember bits and pieces of it. And yes, the Disney movie that was released last month renewed my interest in the book. I figure that if the project is good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for me!

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