Birthday Party Time!

Fall means one thing in my house–birthdays!

My husband and I both have birthdays in the early fall, so once Labor Day has passed I go straight into birthday party planning mode.

My husband’s not much of a sweet eater, so I usually just present him with a cupcake from a local bakery with a candle in it. But this year I was inspired to create a two-layer vanilla cake from scratch. And I blame “The British Baking Show.”

After streaming way too many episodes I felt confident that I could create a light, fluffy cake that was “well baked” and “scrummy.”

Vanilla birthday cake topped with powdered sugar.
A bit dry…but still tasty!

The result was…well, a little less than delicious. It was a bit over baked, which made it crumbly and dry. But it still tasted pretty damn good.

But you can’t be in a creative field, like writing, and allow one failure to get the best of you. (If I had, I wouldn’t be a freelance writer today.) So, I’ll treat a dry cake the same as I would a rejected story idea–I’ll regroup and create a finished product that’s even better than the original.

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