A Downtown Los Angeles Book Tour

I can’t believe I’ve lived in this town for so long, and I’d never heard of The Last Bookstore–one of Los Angels’ most iconic destinations for book lovers.
It’s been around since 2005, and my husband and I decided to check it out on a recent adventure to downtown Los Angeles.


The Last Bookstore is two levels of paradise–jam packed with books from every genre. Plus, there are lots of cool little nooks and small rooms that are off the main aisles where you can find tons of rare and used books.

A view from the top!


And, of course, my husband had to be goofy and have some fun with the cool window displays that are all around the store.

My husband flipping through a book he eventually bought!


The store also had several cool works of art that were constructed from books. I only got a picture of the one below because there were too many people in the way to get good shots of the others. 🙁

Book art. I love it!



Thanks, The Last Bookstore. I will be back!

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