As a freelance writer, covering health, career, food, and relationships, my assignments have taken me everywhere from Cardio Tennis classes in Los Angeles to fashion shows in Lyon, France.

My articles have appeared on Refinery29,,,, Yahoo!, and more.

Check out my writing samples, and send me an email about your writing project. From feature stories to in-depth profiles, personal essays, and blogs I know how to put a unique, creative spin on any subject and tell a story in a fresh, new way.

A little extra info about me…When I’m not writing you’ll typically find me on the treadmill at the gym or sweating my way through the latest weight-training workout that I discovered on YouTube. The rest of my free time is divided between routing for the underdog on “Chopped,” scanning the Los Angeles Public Library stacks for my next literary undertaking, and experimenting with the least intimidating recipes I can find on The Food Network​.